Tech Campers Transform into Tech Students

What brings so many people to want to join the Tech family? It seems that all the summer camps milling around the campus might have something to do with it. There has to be some type of connection here at Tech between these milling groups of people and the college students that go here. Will the campers one day become the students?


Deluxe Feasts at Virginia Tech Earn Honors

Tech’s on-campus meals have been praised by national publications. Among the reasons for this success are its self-operated staff and emphasis on high-quality cuisine. Dietrick Dining Center contains multiple eating facilities including an all-you-can-eat building known as D2, which utilizes local resources and was awarded in 2011 for a successful themed dinner.

Caffeine nation: Student journalists find common thread in caffeine

Caffeine is a popular source of energy among student journalists, with popular choices including teas and coffees, though the allure of that energy can also lead to a crash. But for the most part, coffee and caffeinated drinks are a common thread among journalists, bringing together not-so-average joes.