Student travels from Ohio to attend jCamp

By HANNAH PARKER Stone Bridge High School Elizabeth Rickert was timidly walking into her first day of high school when she smelled it: the scent of fresh printed black ink seeping through the publications room. Rising sophomore Rickert, from Cincinnati, Ohio, knew her place had always had the newspaper in the back of her mind … Continue reading

How chaos operates

BY MEGHAN OCHS Stone Bridge High School In The Bookery in downtown Lexington, there are books stacked, cramped, piled, shoved and filed into any and almost every available space. Vintage posters in vibrant colors, quotes printed on small sheets of paper, and paintings by various artists cover any and all free wall space. Classical music … Continue reading

Journalism beyond high school: Three staff members of Tech’s paper weigh In

Three staff members on Virginia Tech’s student paper, the Collegiate Times discuss of their experience and explain why high school students should pursue their journalism interest at the college level.