Newspaper Design Track

Sara Guglielmo is a rising junior at Langley High School and this will be her third semester on the Saxon Scope staff. She loves to write and is interested in advancing in design.Before joining the Saxon Scope she was yearbook editor of Cooper MS` yearbook. Her other interests include cooking and playing Field Hockey and Lacrosse for Langley High School as well as being a part of the Student Council and being a member of various clubs. She is a very active part of the Langley community, which is portrayed through the start-up of her own cooking club. She takes on a leadership role in her community as a basketball referee and senior girl scout. Sara is excited about continuing her work on the Saxon Scope!

Ziyanah Ladak goes to Freedom High School, where she will be a junior this upcoming school year.  This past year was her first year on The Freedom Flyer staff. She became the Entertainment Editor in the Spring and will uphold this position in the coming year. She is also Freedom High School’s Treasurer and involved in dance and HOPE Club.  She can be contacted through email at ziyanah.ladak@gmail.com.


Nicole Norris is a rising senior attending Freedom High School in the fall of 2012. There she works as the Design Editor on the editorial board for the school news publication, The Freedom Flyer. In her past four semesters at the Flyer, she has held the positions of Features Editor, Editorial Cartoonist, and Staff Writer. Her interests include bonding with the rest of her eccentric Flyer family, dance, and architectural design. She can be contacted through email at nicolenorris94@yahoo.com.

Katherine Rohloff is a rising sophomore at Langley High School and has been taking journalism since seventh grade. During her freshman year, she was Assistant Editor; she wants to become an Assistant Feature Editor during  her sophomore year.  Other than being a part of the Saxon Scope staff, she loves to dance, play basketball, take pictures, and work on her school’s literary magazine, the Kaleidoscope. She will be Writing Editor of the Kaleidoscope in sophomore year. She is very excited because she will be in charge of picking the literary works for the magazine.

Ben Cross is an assistant editor at the Saxon Scope at Langley High School. In the first year working on the Scope, Ben worked as a J1 reporter with little experience. He is in Newspaper Design and Photography at jcamp and hopes to use these newly developed skills to better the Scope’s both publication and website.


Clayton Keating is sports editor for The Purple Tide at Chantilly High School in northern Virginia. He is a rising junior and is starting his second year on staff for TPT. Clayton spends his free time running track and cross country, playing house baseball and spending countless hours in the newspaper room either working or distracting other people from doing just that. He enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling. Clayton’s goal in life is to visit all fifty states (he has 19 left to visit). Follow him at @aton_of_clay or email him at drayscwk1@gmail.com

Neeka Eghbali is a rising sophomore at Langley High School and has possessed a love for journalism for as long as she can remember.  She has taken journalism since 7th grade and became the Editor-in-Chief of the Hawkeye in 8th grade, changing it from a newspaper format to a newsmagazine.  During freshman year, she completed two double trucks and held a position as a Copy Editor for the Saxon Scope.  She aspires to become an Assistant Feature Editor as a sophomore and hopes to achieve wonders in her next few years at Langley.  When she is not behind the computer writing a story or designing a page, you can find her playing field hockey, hanging out with friends, or reading a good book.


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