Student travels from Ohio to attend jCamp

Stone Bridge High School

Elizabeth Rickert was timidly walking into her first day of high school when she smelled it: the scent of fresh printed black ink seeping through the publications room.

Rising sophomore Rickert, from Cincinnati, Ohio, knew her place had always had the newspaper in the back of her mind as her brother had been part of the staff. Although she was at first unprepared for the chaos that surrounded working for a publication, Rickert throughout the year built up her skill set and became a courageous asset to her staff.

Being the youngest staff member Rickert had to prove herself. She did so by participating in various activities, which have helped her stay in tuned with the school such as, Student Council, golf team, club Unified for Unified, and the Inner Faith club as well as being on the newspaper staff.

Her hard work has shown to pay off and has helped her succeed in being named Opinion Chief for the following year.

Not everything was handed to Rickert at the beginning. She had to go through obstacles to become the writer she is today.

“My first interview was the worst,” Rickert said. “I did a story on different military families. I started with a senior, very tall, very intimidating boy who was going into the military. And of course my recorder broke. Then I moved on to students whose families were in the military. One girl cried, the other almost did. But the story ended up very good.”

But the obstacles didn’t end there.

“We have enterprises at our school which are like exams,” Rickert said. “Which is a full page story with no ads. My first enterprise went amazing, but my second one got torn apart and really set me back.”

Rickert overcame those obstacles but still wasn’t finished yet. In the May of her final year of junior high school, Rickert was diagnosed with chronic migraines. She would get headaches all day every day and is disabled during school because she won’t be able to gather all of the information.

Even living with her chronic migraines Rickert has still managed to be a well rounded high school student, and be fully committed to her publication.

“I won’t be fully myself or as enthusiastic,” Rickert said.

Rickert has found that she can still do everything that she loves even living with her chronic migraines.

Rickert said that the one thing she can take from what she’s learned from high school so far is that one should never take something for granted.

Rickert is going to continue working toward her journalistic dream because writing either creatively or factually is a passion for her.

“I like how everyone has an unknown story,” Rickert said. “When you’re people watching and you just think that everyone does have a story, and a journalist can go out and find it.”


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