Resident Assistant Williams destined for W&L

By Mia Manning

John F. Kennedy High School

sarahSarah Williams may be half way out the door as a rising senior at Washington and Lee, but already she has left behind a footprint.

Williams has experienced just about everything on all spectrums, ranging from education in a dull off white classroom to studying abroad. Her eyes have seen the break of dawn in places such as Ireland for spring term, Oxford for the summer program, and Italy just this past spring break.

But what distinguishes her from the others? She is a laidback girl from West Virginia that had her eyes set on Washington and Lee University’s campus, a campus that is at least a three-hour drive from West Virginia. Not only did she go for a double major once enrolling, she got in on a scholarship.

The first time she visited she distinctly remembered how students and alumni would leave their backpacks brimming with expensive textbooks and trusty yet costly laptops in front of the halls or around the visitor area, where—in different circumstances, they would not be there if students were to come back looking for it. However she stressed how the honor code has set in motion a “cyclical process” where the school attracts students of a certain caliber and trustworthiness as a result of it being routine to honor the honor code.

Wasting no time Sarah got involved with committees and organizations around campus, taking on leadership positions with ease and joining the campus’ chapter of Pi Beta Phi as well as the University Chamber Singers, and the RCSC committee. When asked if positions of authority came to her naturally, she responded by nodding her head vehemently followed by a resounding ‘yes.’ Others have spoken highly of her as well. Yishu Liu who had just met Williams this summer at jCamp had only kind words to say. “Very social…likes to have her things organized, and she’s just very easygoing.”


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