Tech provides beautiful campus, great community, counselors say

C.J. Yunger. Photo by Alexander Caton

C.J. Yunger has never heard of an alumnus regretting attending Virginia Tech.

Counselors, including Yunger, at jCamp say they love the tight-knit community and seeing the Hokie spirit all around town. The campus is consistently described as “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”

“It is beautiful. It’s scenic. It’s relaxing,” Yunger, a senior communication major, said. “You’re still in nature when you walk around campus. You’re not surrounded by building after building. It’s not mundane.”

After growing up in Charlottesville, Va., home of rival University of Virginia, current Tech senior Liana Bayne fell in love with the university when she attended jCamp in 2008.

“I wanted to do something different. I had a lot of friends that attended UVA and I felt that Virginia Tech was the right fit for me,” Bayne said. “I really fell in love with the walking-friendly campus and the country setting. After I wrote my story for jCamp, I realized that the community was awesome and extremely helping. They gave me everything I needed to succeed on my story.”

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Buynak, who also grew up in Charlottesville, decided to attend Tech for the community, wanting to be a part of the environment.

Danielle Buynak. Photo by Alexander Caton

“The community around me is awesome and is willing to help out on anything you do. While unloading boxes for jCamp, I felt like I was able to walk up to anyone on the street and ask them for help and they would,” Buynak said. “The fan base is also great. I love wearing my Virginia Tech T-shirts while traveling in airports just because I know that I will have somebody come talk to me. Everywhere you go there are Hokies willing to help out.”

Despite a population of 30,444 students, as of 2011, that sense of community is one of the things that prompted 2012 graduate Justin Graves to continue living in Blacksburg while he completes his master’s degree.

“Virginia Tech is a big university with a small-town feel,” Graves said, “I love going around town and being able to see the Virginia Tech theme. It’s really easy just to walk around campus and feel part of the Hokie community because of how welcoming and nurturing the people are.”


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