Security Unnoticeable at Tech

Due to the campus shootings in 2007 and 2011, security measures have increased significantly to keep students safe. Virginia Tech offers multiple forms of security that goes unnoticed. Security measures range from narcotics and explosives dogs to the blue emergency boxes, to a 24 hour uniformed patrol and card readers. Despite the shootings, crime rates are dropping again.

One of 89 Emergency Lights. Photo by Olivia Ballard

Narcotics and explosives dogs, Boris and Boomer, are members of the K-9 unit. Boris, a German Shepherd, and Boomer, a Golden Retriever, have been part of the unit since 2008.

Eighty-nine blue emergency boxes, each containing a button that connects to the campus police are located around the university.

The campus’ uniformed patrol officers work 24 hours a day, dedicating themselves to help 365 days a year. They provide nighttime escort service that can be called by students who tell them where to meet them and the officer will give them a ride back to the dormitories.

Card readers are used to keep students safe allow them to have access to the residence halls through a card given to the student at the beginning of the semester. The card reader no longer words after 11:30 p.m., after which the students are locked out.

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