Editorial leadership profile at jCamp

Amanda Huelskamp & Agrima Poudel working together on the scavenger hunt. Photo by Alexander Caton

Editors are the ringmasters of a newspaper, always running the show and making sure it goes smoothly.
Kayla Sharpe, Paul VI Catholic high school (’13), is a charismatic rising senior that has been on her school’s newspaper for two years now, with her sights set on becoming an editor.
“Being an editor shows that you have good leadership skills,” said Sharpe. Those leadership skills and participion in editorial class set her apart from other candidates looking for an editorial position.Being an editor is a difficult task no matter where students are and challenges can arise whether the school is large or small.One of the benefits of being a part of a smaller staff is that it creates a better relationship between each staff member. However, getting stories out faster and having enough resources can be tricky. Being a journalist requires late nights and early mornings to catch all the information needed to write a good article, even if the story is the last thing anyone has on their mind.“My motto is just do it, even if you don’t want to” said Sharpe.Another student in the editorial leadership program at jCamp is Amanda Huelskamp, Herndon high school(’13,) who has wanted to be a journalist ever since she was little . Huelskamp is a rising senior  and is going on to her fourth year of being a part of her school’s newspaper and she says that “One of the disadvantages from being a part of a larger school is definitely giving everyone a chance to be interviewed for the paper.”Another challenge that editors have to deal with is a noisy classroom, but part of being a good editor is solving everyday problems.

“We work on keeping the room quiet during working time so that we’re all able to focus. Also, we have meetings at the beginning of class to see if we’re on track or not, which helps keep things organized and everyone working,”  said Huelskamp.

Both Sharpe and Huelskamp are preparing for the upcoming school year and are taking away many valuable lessons they learned from jCamp.

“I personally plan to make a PowerPoint of everything I’ve learned at jCamp to show to my advisor and staff” said Huelskamp.


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