Breakdown of jCamp admissions fee

Where does our money go?

With costs reaching their highest level in 2012,  jCampers at Virginia Tech have wondered this week how their admissions fees have been spent.

What most of these 14-17 year-olds don’t know is that the majority of the money, 45 percent of the total budget, went to Tech for housing and meals. Staff salaries for instructors took 21 percent of the budget, while that of counselors took 8 percent.

The regular registration price of jCamp this year was $533.22. Some high schools paid for their students to attend, while other students paid out of pocket.

Although there was a lower early bird price this year, no discounts were available in the last two years. Additionally, there was a late fee for students who registered after the deadline.

The cost of jCamp continues to rise annually as the economy plummets. The price per day is $133.31, which is the highest it has been in the history of the camp. However, the camp plans to move to Washington and Lee University next year, where the cost will be approximately $350.

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