A look back at jCamp 2012

VIEW the slideshow. More than 100 students attended the fifth annual jCamp at Virginia Tech University, July 15-19, 2012. Click the link above to view a slideshow by the photography class of images taken at the camp. Photographers: Olivia Ballard, Alexander Caton, Jasmine Dailey, Wil Friedman, Ana Hunter-Nickels, Troi Newman, Deepa Shivaram Instructors: Bradley Wilson, … Continue reading

Tech Campers Transform into Tech Students

What brings so many people to want to join the Tech family? It seems that all the summer camps milling around the campus might have something to do with it. There has to be some type of connection here at Tech between these milling groups of people and the college students that go here. Will the campers one day become the students?

Redefining the ‘norm’

Lucy Murray was born in Chanzhou, China, and raised in New York by a single mother from Texas. Defying all the social norms regarding a traditional family, she considers her diverse origin the most American part of her.